Months ago, Gary and Tyler decided that a stop at Clark’s Restaurant on Highway 101 near Aberdeen was a MUST! Just a few family and friends were on hand to greet us! Front Row: Jennifer Wiechert (Janice’s niece) holding 2 week old Evan, Kelsey, Nancy Mariano (Janice’s sister), Davis Wiechert, Janice, Haily Curl (Gary’s niece), Tyler, Jean Druzianich (Janice’s mom), Sue Wasson (Janice’s high school friend). Row two: Kelly (Robin’s sister), Robin Wilson (high school friend), Chuck and Joanne Lucas (Gary’s step father and mother), Colleen Curl (Gary’s sister), Clay and Danielle Curl (Gary’s nephew and niece) and Al (Mr. Sold, Janice’s dad) Druzianich. It was wonderful to see so many of our family and friends who also wanted to try Clark’s famous milkshakes!!!